30-Minute Sexy Cardio Dance Vixen Workout

In Dance, Wellness by ashbydodd

It’s almost the holidays, which means it’s the perfect time for a 30-Minute Sexy Cardio Dance Vixen Workout!

This 30-Minute Sexy Cardio Dance Vixen Workout is the perfect way to step your workout routine and start compensating for all the holiday food you’re about to eat.

Let’s face it, from about mid-November to early January, it’s a feeding frenzy filled with sugar, carbs, and everything else we’re not supposed to indulge in. It’s super delicious and I love every minute of it… at least the eating part. But the pounds pack on fast and even if I still look good, I certainly don’t feel good. I need fun and new exercise routines to keep me moving and staying fit. This routine is the perfect addition, plus I walk away feeling sexy and ready to hit the dance floor!

Try it out for yourself: