‘Leave No Trace’ Movie Trailer – Based on ‘My Abandonment’ by Peter Rock

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Leave No Trace is a new, upcoming movie based on the book My Abandonment by Peter Rock. Rock's novel was based on a true story of a father and daughter who lived off the grid in a nature preserve near Portland Oregon. Watch the trailer.

“Your Black Friend” and the Realization That You Might Be Racist

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Your Black Friend is an insightful and entertaining animated short that explains how white folks can use their privilege to speak up in the face of racism. If you really want to help your black friend out, you need to watch this short film right now.

The Ride of a Thousand Cols – Documentary Short

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The Ride of a Thousand Cols is the story of Phil Deeker, renowned mountain biker, who set out to bike 1,000 mountains in 100 days. This is the equivalent of scaling Mt. Everest 50 times. Learn about his love of biking and the Cent Cols Challenge in this documentary short.