Love the Look! Gingham Bustiers

2017-07-02T18:12:08+00:00 Style|
This retro material is timeless and perfect for summer!

Rocking a gingham bustier is not acceptable year-round; it’s possible a few of you fashionistas have figured out how to make the summertime fabric look amazing in winter, but I doubt it.  Gingham is a spring-summer style, so it’s time to dig it out from the back of your closet.

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I love a good gingham dress but until now, I never once considered a gingham bustier – genius!  In the look above, French fashion blogger Aria Di Bari paired a Mango Gingham top with a pair of high-waisted white pants and a pair of Marks and Spencer sandals.  The look is perfect for the summer sun and a style that I will try and replicate immediately.

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