Let’s Go! The Ice Caves Vatnajökull

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A real life winter wonderland.

Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland is a must for any adventure-seeking globetrotter.  From volcanoes to glaciers, this vast expanse of protected land is a nature lover’s dream.  But there is nothing more dreamy than the breathtaking ice caves of the Vatnajökull glacier.

Ice Caves of Iceland

Entering the caves on your own without prior glacial climbing experience is not a good idea, fortunately there are many options for booking a tour but be sure to book your tour well in advance.  (There is a short window each year when these caves can be safely accessed, if you miss it, you’ll have to wait until the next year.)

Ice Caves of Iceland

Even with an expert guide, this is beautiful but treacherous terrain; climbing experience is always recommended.    But… if you can handle it, you’ll be rewarded with a natural frozen paradise and an experience to last a lifetime.

You can find many tour options on the web, here are a few to check out: Top 52 Ice Cave Tours & Lava Trips

Not interested in taking the trip yourself? Get a taste of The Crystal Cave in the video below: