Lies You Probably Believe… But Shouldn’t

In Wellness by ashbydodd

Do you still believe any of these common lies?!

Lies are a common part of life and we deal with them every day. There are big ones, little ones, and bold-faced (or bald-faced, apparently both options are acceptable) ones. And then there are the ones we don’t even question…

Remember the Friends episode when Monica, Joey and Chandler recap their shameful jellyfish sting story?

How many of us strengthened our bonds with significant others, family and true friends by stating, if really needed, we’d pee on them. None of us questioned the truth behind the remedy, we only questioned if we could step up in a jellyfish emergency. (Besides, Ross said that he saw it on the Discovery Channel and we all know, 90’s sitcoms do not lie about educational television!) As it turns out, peeing on a jellyfish sting does nothing except cause immense shame. I mean, gross, you just peed on yourself or got peed on by someone else… for nothing.

Beware Lies Next Exit Sign

In the video below, you’ll find 15 popular lies that you probably still believe… but shouldn’t. Beware, this list might blow your mind and make you question your entire life. Sorry about that, but maybe it’s time you woke up to the truth. So, sit as close to the TV as you want, kiss as many toads as you like, and please don’t pee on someone’s jellyfish sting!

Find out if you’ve been lied to: