Linelight the Game

New Puzzle Game: Linelight

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“Linelight packs a world of gameplay into a single dimension.” Frank Lantz (Drop7)

Linelight is your new, obsessive, waiting-in-line at the DMV, puzzle game. It’s simple and sleek interface is enticing to all ages and the concept is easy for gamers of any level to grasp. The point is to move from start to finish using common sense and logic. Fans of puzzle games, from Candy Crush to Chess, should consider giving this game a try.

Linelight the Game

Linelight is available on many platforms and screen sizes. All purchases however, come with a minimal cost. Links to purchase in Steam, PS4, Apple, and Google stores are available at

“It is a platformer stripped of the colorful aesthetics of backdrop, of setting, of characters. What is left is a line and a dash, sometimes dashes, and a very attentive design which so absorbs players that they won’t notice what isn’t there. The game is the first solo project created by Brett Taylor, who designed it in Unity over the course of about ten months.” – Polygon