Robin Wight and The Art of FantasyWire

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FantasyWire isn’t a common expression in the art world, but Robin Wight is an expert in the field!

You’ve probably never heard of FantasyWire before, a style that artist Robin Wight has perfected over the years. Wight was only a budding sculptor when he realized wire was a good, cheap medium to practice with. Soon his hobby began to turn into social-media gold.

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Robin Wight’s FantasyWire specialty is fairies, particularly fairies with dandelions. While I like a good Game of Thrones episode just like the next guy, I don’t always love fantasy-based entertainment and art. That said, I am a HUGE fan of Wight’s fairy series.

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The artwork above is possibly my favorite sculpture, I adore how the “Dancing with Dandelions” fairy is spinning in the wind, desperately trying to hold on to the common, but beautiful, weed as she dances in nature.

Another favorite involving the same subject matter is “Breeze”, as seen in the video below.

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About the Artist:

In each fairy I try to apply design criteria, including a story, movement, some visual illusion, emotion and natural forces. As my new designs develop, I’d also like to create a fresh, contemporary view of fairies, avoiding the clichés and hopefully, as a result, deliver a balance of the traditional childlike whimsicality, with the aesthetic of a female form wrapped around an action type persona.

Find out more about Robin Wight’s work at:

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