“Dear women, I’m sorry. Dear black people, I’m sorry. Dear Asian-Americans, dear Native Americans, dear immigrants who came here seeking a better life, I’m sorry. Dear everyone who isn’t a middle or upper-class white boy, I’m sorry. I have started life on the top of the ladder while you were born on the first rung.” – Royce Mann

Royce Mann, an 8th grader in Atlanta, Georgia, won a school slam poetry competition with his poem, “White Boy Privilege.”  At a young age it seems that Mann has a better grip on the race and gender issues out there than so many adults.

8th Grader's Poem: White Boy Privilege

While many white Americans are shrugging their shoulders and turning a blind eye, Mann lays everything out on the table.  Yes, he is privileged just by being born a white male, no he isn’t ready to give that up, but he doesn’t understand why his privilege can’t be shared by all races and genders.

Once you watch the video below, it will be easy to understand why Royce Mann took home first place!

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