Funny or Die’s A Very Special Episode is like web-series crack – I can’t stop watching!

Being a 90s kid, I devoured shows like Full House, Fresh Prince, and yes, even 7th Heaven; to be fair, these were not my favorites, but I watched the heck out of them anyway. Remember when Will Smith broke down to Uncle Phil over his dad leaving? Holy waterworks! (Also, that scene might be the first time I realized Will Smith might be more than a sitcom actor.) How about when Jesse Spano was “so excited” over caffeine pills? Classic! These “very special episodes” were so meaningful… back then. Now? Maybe not so much.

Funny or Die, the geniuses responsible for the web series, Zack Morris is Trash (speaking of Saved by the Bell), are taking these “special episodes” to task in the series, A Very Special Episode. If you were a lover of 90s tv, I hope you’re already watching, if not… what are you waiting for? You can binge watch the first season and catch up on the second on Funny or Die’s YouTube channel.

I remember watching the episode of Full House when D.J. befriended a man at a nursing home, only to end up learning all about the perils of Alzheimer’s. When the episode first aired, it seemed important and filled with good information for the whole family. However, looking back, the entire premise was absolutely ridiculous?! What was D.J. doing breaking a stranger out of nursing home anyway? I mean seriously, WHAT HAPPENED IN FLORIDA, EDDIE?!

Watch “The ‘Full House’ When D.J. Helped An Alzheimer’s Patient Escape A Nursing Home” below: