Milk Cream Donuts recipe

A Heavenly Homemade Milk Cream Donuts Recipe

Although there are cream donuts from all over the world, Milk Cream Donuts from South Korea seem to be all anyone is talking about… and rightly so! The golden brown donut is stuffed with a generous helping of thick cream, and the result is delicious. If you are anxious to make your own batch at home, this is the recipe for you!

@pooboobakes Korean milk cream donuts Maritozzi’s Korean donut cousin, these might just be my new favourite way to eat donuts 🫶🏻🥺 I like to eat them while the donut is still slight warm and airy, this coupled with the cream makes the perfect bite that’s to die for I like sweetening whipped cream with condensed milk to give it a subtler not-too-sweet flavour but double the milkiness! You can also add any fruit (my favourite is strawberries or mangoes) into them to make them even more refreshing~ Ingredients: 150g bread flour 20g AP flour 5g corn flour 8g instant yeast 1 medium egg 60ml milk 30g sugar 30g unsalted butter (softened) Pinch of salt Milk cream: 300g double cream 30g condensed milk 1. Add all dough ingredients (excluding the egg and butter) into a bowl and mix until a cohesive dough is formed 2. Add in the egg and knead until smooth (4 mins if using a stand mixer with a paddle attachment) 3. Add in the butter and knead until it passes the window test 4. Proof for an hour until doubled 5. Deflate and form into balls 6. Proof for 30 mins 7. Deep fry at 160c until golden brown (don’t burn one of them like me💀💀) 8. Whip up the milk cream 9. Cut the donuts and fill with the cream once cooled #koreanmilkcreamdonut #koreandonut #maritozzi #donut #milkcream #donutrecipe #homebaking #baking #aesthetic #relaxing ♬ Glue Song – beabadoobee

Ready to bake? Make sure you have all the ingredients you need for Milk Cream Donuts below:

  • bread flour
  • soft flour
  • eggs
  • milk
  • instant yeast
  • sugar
  • unsalted butter
  • salt
  • fresh cream

Ready? Set? Goooo over to for the full recipe!