When Amy Purdy faced the worst possible nightmare she could imagine, her nurses were there to support her and get her motivated again.

When competitive snowboarder Amy Purdy first lost her legs, she thought her life was over. But with a little time and support from her dedicated nursing team, she rallied physically and emotionally; and in no time, she found herself back up on a snowboard. Now, Purdy is joining with well-known brand Johnson & Johnson in a new ad campaign that celebrates nurses everywhere.

Purdy was only 19 years old when she contracted a form of meningitis that led to the amputation of both of her legs. Along with her legs, both her kidneys and her spleen were also removed; as the title of the video states, she was only given a 2% chance to live. Over time, she received a kidney from her father and was given prosthetic legs. Since then, Purdy has gone on to be a successful author, reality television star, para-snowboarder, and a champion for challenged and disabled athletes everywhere.

Watch Purdy’s story in this moving Johnson & Johnson promotional video (just a warning, you might want a tissue or two):