Go inside some of the world’s most luxury private jets and see for yourself what money can buy in the sky. You’ve never seen a plane like these!

In this edition of Airport Attractions, we’re not so much going inside the airport as we are some of the planes that might land at an airport. If you’ve ever been on a private jet, which I have, lucky us. But I can promise you that my experience, was nothing like the jets featured in the video below. First of all, the jet I flew in was small, had one comfortable couch, several comfortable seats, and some nice side tables. It did not have bedrooms, luxury food offerings, or gold-detailed trim! One round-trip flight at tens of thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands) per hour rate could potentially bankrupt me for an entire year. Still, it’s nice to dream.

Inside a $53 Million Private Jet

Flying on a private jet is a special experience and if you’re on the right flight, you might have access to a formal dining room, multiple bedrooms, and private offices; not to mention the perks of an on-board chef or bartender. Between games, top of the line electronics and constant pampering, why would you ever want to deplane? Find out even more about some of the most luxurious private jets around the world in the video below:

Inside the world’s most luxurious private jets you’ll millions of dollars worth of special treatment. From incredibly sky bars, to beds, to golden trims! You’ll be shocked at what’s inside!