Ari Fitz reminds us that the beach is for everyone… no matter what you look like or how you identify!

Ari Fitz is a former reality star (Real World), model, and a current social media fashion guru. Through Instagram and other platforms, Fitz is changing the way we associate fashion and gender. Now she’s targeting the way we dress at the beach!

Let’s face it, the beach can be a cruel place. If you’re fat, thin, tall, short, pale, dark, hairy, hairless, have scars, or just don’t like your body for whatever reason; hanging out in the hot sun in a bathing suit can feel utterly demoralizing. The total number of people who feel comfortable in tight swim trunks or a bikini is lower than you think. Did you really assume you were the only one? Fortunately, through the promotion of body-positivity and fashion forward designers, that number is growing every day.

The market is well-tapped when it comes to flattering bathing-suits that make us look as good on the outside… but what about swimwear to reflect how we feel on the inside? That’s where Fitz and her fashion project, Tomboyish comes in. Maybe you look male but you identify as female, maybe you look female and identify as male, or maybe you fall somewhere in between. You deserve to feel good and wear something that fits your style, inside and out. After all, the beach should be about relaxation and fun… because, ‘whose body is a beach body anyway?’

Find out more in the video below: