Chemical Garden II is the love child of science and art…

Chemical Garden II is the natural reaction of metal salt mixing with water and sodium silicate. Don’t worry, you can appreciate the results even if you don’t understand chemistry.

Beauty of Science was started in 2016 and “creates inspiring content for science education and outreach.” BOS’s Envisioning Chemistry series has proven that science and art are not separate by any means. In fact, the two subjects easily become one when you look closely. See for yourself!

When a piece of metal salt is dropped in the solution of sodium silicate, a membrane of insoluble metal silicate is formed. Due to the osmotic pressure, water enters the membrane and breaks it, generating more insoluble membranes. This cycle repeats and the salt grows into all kinds of interesting forms. This film recorded the osmotic growth of 6 salts inside sodium silicate solution. The growth is so life-like, no wonder Stéphane Leduc thought it might have something to do with the mechanism life over 100 years ago.

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