Paul Feig knows the horrors of high school well… especially those that took place in gym class. Watch as he explains his experience on Off Camera.

Paul Feig, the man who brought us one of the best one-season television shows of all time, Freaks and Geeks sits down with Sam Jones on his show, Off Camera. During the interview, Feig discussed his dislike for gym-class, especially the game dodgeball.

Freaks and Geeks - Dodgeball

For the so-called “jocks” dodgeball was a fun test of agility and aim. For the rest of the class, the game was a living hell. Feig explains how, for him, dodgeball was more or less a time of sanctioned bullying. Kids couldn’t punch each other with fists, but they could do it with over-inflated, tread-covered, hard-rubber balls. Feig is the first to admit that was not the most popular kid in school so high school traditions like dodgeball were particularly harrowing.

In the end, things seemed to work out for Feig. The filmmaker and author has brought joy to fans everywhere with books like Adventures in Adolescence and movies like Bridesmaids; it’s exciting to imagine what he’ll do next.

Watch part of the interview with Sam Jones below: