Avalanche!!! Drone Footage of Vancouver Island

If you’ve wanted to experience an avalanche up close but without the danger of being there, check out this incredible drone footage!

I will probably never see an avalanche up close, and honestly, I’m so good with that. But, watching one from the comfort of my living room? Now, I could get into that, which is exactly what I did when I watched this incredible drone footage taken in British Columbia, Canada, on Vancouver Island. Check it out:

We were out for a day of long range mountain surfing in British Columbia on Vancouver Island with our long range drones, hoping to get some nice cinematic footage. There was a “severe avalanche warning” a couple of days prior, but things seemed to have calmed down. Just when were were getting ready to leave, I looked up and saw a huge avalanche coming down the mountain right in front of us! I scrambled to get a battery on my long range FPV drone, fumbled with my GoPro, and booked it out towards the mountain as fast as I possibly could. I got there just in time to see an absolutely scary amount of snow from an avalanche hitting the bottom of the mountain. What looks like water in this video is actually a huge amount of snow, with some chucks as big as my truck. Since I had the goggles on, I couldn’t see what was goin on around me, and I was pretty paranoid about the avalanche coming down the mountain, through the valley and up the other side where we were sitting, all without me knowing. I was also worried that the road would get obliterated and we’d be stuck way out in the back country. Luckily, it wasn’t even close.