Hey yoga beginners! It’s time to work through one of my absolute favorite poses – the Cat Cow!

Thank goodness for the Cat Cow pose. For some beginners, yoga is super easy and maintaining balance and structure during a flow is no big deal. Then there’s the rest of us, including me. Which is why I love this pose! It’s a pose you can still perfect as you advance, but one that even a novice can accomplish.

Instructions for Cat Pose

There was a time in my life when I attended Bikram yoga sessions (now called ‘hot yoga’ – if you’re wondering why, watch the doc on Netflix). Because of this, you’d think I’d be good this many years later, but if I’m being honest, I was there for a guy, I wasn’t really there for the yoga. But things are different now, that crush is long gone and this time, I wan’t to practice for myself… the right way. Which includes mastering the basics, like the Cat Cow pose.

I love how confident I feel when I move through Cat Cow and how it stretches the back and spine. If you want to perfect the pose along with me, watch the video below; pay attention to the instructor’s notes on ideal alignment and movement techniques. In my experience, this stretch alone is a great way to get moving early in the morning (but please remember, if you have any concerns about the position and movement explained in the video, consult a medical professional first).