Battle for Flavor-Town: Ketchup Wars in Leamington, Canada

The bittersweet symphony of condiment empires: learn more about the ketchup wars and how they changed Leamington, Canada!

In an unexpected turn of events, the legendary Heinz ketchup empire has left its longtime home in Leamington, Canada. With Heinz’s departure, another famous condiment company, French’s, has stepped in to fill the hole left by the iconic red sauce company. This move represents a significant shift in the condiment industry, as Leamington saw the rise of a fresh competitor in the ketchup game.

Heinz moves out, and French’s moves in

A large Heinz ketchup manufacturing plant has been based in Leamington, Ontario, Canada, for over a century. The town’s identity has become synonymous with the sweet and tangy red sauce, which employed hundreds of residents and fostered tremendous communal pride. However, in an unexpected move, Heinz declared its intention to relocate its ketchup production.

As Heinz ketchup left Leamington, French’s, another well-known condiment brand, stepped up to fill the vacancy. French’s, famous for its mustard, saw an opportunity to expand its product line and entered the ketchup business. Recognizing the importance of Leamington’s tomato-growing region, French’s boldly established its presence in the town.

The community impact on Leamington

The departure of Heinz from Leamington inevitably produced a wave of anxiety and concern in the local community. The factory’s shutdown resulted in the loss of many long-term employees’ jobs, impacting the lives of many families. However, French’s arrival on the scene provided an injection of enthusiasm as the company stated its intention to hire many of Heinz’s former employees. This move not only revived the community but also reduced the immediate financial harm of Heinz’s departure.

Moving forward

The departure of Heinz from Leamington and the subsequent arrival of the French’s marked a pivotal moment in the ketchup industry. With new players and changing dynamics, the future of ketchup production in Leamington looks prosperous. (Heinz even came back to Canada for certain products.)

So, which brand do you use?! Watch the short documentary below to find out more about Leamington and the battle over ketchup: