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Beautiful World: Ricardo Muro Creates Artistic Prosthetics for Kids!

Beautiful World: Ricardo Muro Creates Artistic Prosthetics for Kids!

Hydro Dip artist Ricardo Muro secretly turns prosthetics for children into works of art anyone would be proud to wear!

Hydro dipping is the art of transferring a design from the surface of water onto another object and no one does it better than San Diego artist Ricardo Muro. Now Muro is using his skills for an even higher purpose: to help kids learn to love their prosthetics by creating fun and exciting designs that any kid would be proud to wear!

Prosthetics are essential to those who need them, but that doesn’t mean that wearing one is easy to accept. By creating modern designs with themes like Iron Man or Hello Kitty, kids are more enthusiastic about wearing their prosthetics out in the world. Ricardo Muro is helping kids to accept their new normal and even giving them the pride and courage to excel no matter their limitations. And he does it all for free!

I get so excited about everyday people doing extraordinary things, especially when it benefits others. Watch as Ricardo Muro creates a Hello Kitty themed prosthetic leg for a young girl – her reaction is priceless! Thank you Mr. Muro for helping to create a more beautiful world.

Watch this artist create a Hello Kitty prosthetic for a little girl and stay for her sweet reaction. San Diego artist Ricardo Muro hydro dips prosthetics for kids for free. Each design is as unique as the kids who will wear them.

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