Be inspired all over again with this behind the scenes featurette for Apple’s Homepod commercial by Spike Jonze.

Spike Jonze hit a home-run with his Apple Homepod commercial released earlier this month. The commercial followed FKA twigs as she moves through a busy city on her way home. She’s had a rough day, probably the kind of day where you or I would just curl up in bed. But somehow, she finds joy and inspiration with a little help from her Apple Homepod.

FKA twigs in Homepod by Spike Jonze

The premise sounds ridiculous, right?! I thought so too. But Jonze is known for his beautiful cinematrography and if he chose to lead the project, it was probably with good reason. Under his direction the end result is pure eye candy. FKA twigs is simply stunning as she shakes off her day and dances her way to happiness.

Spike Jonze directing FKA twigs in Apple commercial

If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of this ad. Good news! This new behind the scenes featurette gets up close and personal with Jonze and FKA twigs as they maneuver rehearsals together. Watch below to find out more about how this short film came together:

Haven’t seen the original ad yet? What are you waiting for, watch it below: