Bel Canto, the best-selling novel by Ann Patchett, is finally hitting movie theaters this September.

Bel Canto is the story of a world-renown opera singer who becomes involved in a hostage crisis while performing at a private party in South America. Directed by Paul Weitz, the film stars Julianne Moore as opera singer, Roxane Coss, and Ken Watanabe as Katsumi Hosokawa.

Bel Canto movie trailer starring Julianne Moore and Ken WatanabeThe movie is based on the hit novel of the same name by author Ann Patchett and was inspired by the events of 1996-97, commonly known as the Lima Crisis. Just as in real life, the movie follows guests of a private party as they are taken hostage and held captive for months by terrorists. The hostages must learn how to live and survive, all the while wondering if they will ever be free again.

The cast also includes Christopher Lambert, Ryo Kase, and María Mercedes Coroy; and opera star Renee Flemming provides the singing voice of Roxane Coss. Mark your calendars for September 14th!

Watch the trailer below: