“And I’ve got some good friends now… But I’ve never seen their parents’ back porch.” Ben Rector is right – there really is something terribly special about Old Friends!

I’ve only recently discovered Ben Rector but I can already tell I’m going to become a big fan. On his newest album, Magic, Rector premiered his song Old Friends which references how special it is to spend time with people who have known you since the early days… maybe since college, high school, or birth!

The song alone is great, but what really makes it stand out is the video. Rector gathered together his old friends and former bandmates to film a recording of the song in the garage of his childhood home. The result is something nostalgic and magical.

I can still find Wiley’s house
Riding on my bike with eyes closed
I can name every girl that he took out
And from my memory, dial his house phone

Can you take me back when we were just kids
Who weren’t scared of getting older?
‘Cause no one knows you like they know you
And no one probably ever will
You can grow up, make new ones
But truth is there’s nothing like old friends
‘Cause you can’t make old friends

I can still feel the windows down
Listening to Jimmy Eat World riding 3-wide on Blake’s bench seat
My God, it’s been ten years now
I would have his back tomorrow
And he’d still fight anyone who tried to touch me

And I’ve got some good friends now
But I’ve never seen their parents’ back porch
I wouldn’t change how things turned out
But there’s no one in this time zone
Who knows what inline skates that I bought