A hanging roller coaster?! The Big Bad Wolf was revolutionary in its day, so why did Busch Gardens finally dismantle the classic ride?

The Big Bad Wolf was the main attraction at Busch Gardens theme parks; the hanging coaster was so exciting, riders would gladly wait in very long lines over and over again, visit after visit. Almost every kid within a certain time-period had the ‘I survived’ shirt; yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

I was heartbroken when I learned the ride was coming down and, to be honest, I never stopped to ask why.

Recently, I visited a Busch Gardens theme park for the first time as an adult and let me tell you, it’s still awesome. But I couldn’t help but wonder, whatever happened to my favorite hanging coaster? The park now boasts bigger and scarier rollercoasters, but the memory of ‘the wolf’ will live in our hearts and minds (and the giftshops!) forever.

Find out more about the history and eventual dismantling of The Big Bad Wolf hanging coaster in the video below: