Bolwoningen Dome houses stand as relics of a future that will never come.

When the Bolwoningen Dome houses were built in the early 80s, the design seemed futuristic and artistic all at the same time. They are the kind of experimental housing you might expect to see in a city or in a mountain commune. But, instead, these dome houses were built in a small suburb in the Netherlands; not far from the typical housing structures of today. The mix of architecture styles is odd to say the least.

Designed by Dries Kreijkamp, the globe was inspired by the primitive huts in Africa as well as the igloo homes of the Eskimos. The design was meant to bring the inhabitant closer to nature with circular windows that provided multiple views. Residents would enter on the ground floor next to a storage space, walk up past the bedroom and bathroom, and finally locate the open living space at the very top. Unfortunately, Kreijkamp’s design never expanded past the 50 unit neighborhood, but they are still mostly occupied today.

Would you move into one of Kreijkamp’s dome houses? Find out more in the video below: