Take three minutes for yourself and enjoy the beauty of the California countryside with this gorgeous, calming footage of Davenport Beach. You’ll feel relaxed in no time!

Most days your feet hit the ground and your off running at full speed until you fall asleep again. Whether it’s work, family, personal appointments, or any other number of reasons; it never seems like there is time to stop and breathe. Maybe some of you have used tools like the Apple Watch ‘Breathe’ reminders (or maybe some of you have deleted the damn app for telling you to breathe at all the wrong times, stressing you out way more than before it needlessly interrupted your flow!), no, just me? Cool, cool, cool. But, this isn’t an app and if you somehow landed on this page, maybe you really do need a moment to just relax. Maybe you need a couple of minutes in the California countryside.

The shoreline of Davenport in the California countryside

Get close to your screen, grab your earphones and take a mental health break. Whisk yourself away to Davenport in the California countryside, not far from the popular town of Monterey Bay. You don’t need a plane ticket or a hotel room, you just need three minutes to sit calmly and watch the ocean waves roll in and out. Thanks to the beautiful videography of Michael Hernandez, it’s easy to believe you’re sitting right there on shore. It’s a wonderful way to appreciate nature and take a moment to breathe and wind down. Give it a try!