It’s time for another break from the chaos and this time I want you to sit back, get comfortable, and take less than four minutes to relax with the serene sights and sounds of… a tennis ball factory?  Look, I know what you’re thinking, usually I post nature or soft music, but I’ve probably lost my mind if I think a factory video is worth your time.  Except I haven’t lost my mind and IT IS relaxing.

Unless you work in a factory, How to Make a Tennis Ball will quickly take your mind away from your immediate troubles and focus it solely on learning how a tennis ball is made.  And aside from being fairly interesting, there is no strange music or loud sounds to interrupt your moment of factory zen.

I was commissioned to make a film and shoot a set of images by ESPN for Wilson, to show the manufacturing process of their tennis balls for the US Open. We flew to the factory, shot the film and stills in one day then flew home. Its an amazingly complex manufacture, requiring 24 different processes to make the final ball. It was hot, loud and the people who worked there, worked fast. So much beauty in each stage. I love the mechanics of how things are made, it fills me with great pleasure. I hope you enjoy the film.

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