“Stop trying to make Fetch happen!” – Regina George, Mean Girls

When Mean Girls the movie first hit theaters in 2004, the world was far simpler place. Tina Fey still ruled at SNL, Lindsay Lohan was a respectable actress, and social media didn’t rule the world yet. At the time the movie was smart, funny, and not afraid to reveal the truth about girls in high school. But, in today’s modern age, how could this movie possibly hold up today? Especially on stage as a musical. Yet somehow, it does.

Mean Girls the Musical Debuts on Broadway in April 2018

Mean Girls the Musical Debuts on Broadway in April 2018

Mean Girls the musical premiered at Washington, DC’s National Theater on Halloween night (October 31st) in 2017 to positive reviews. While Tina Fey was still very involved, musical numbers were added and a whole team had to come in and oversee the transformation of a witty, teen comedy into a family-friendly Broadway musical. The gamble paid off and the updated story easily lent itself to entertaining and upbeat musical numbers.

The show is opening on Broadway TODAY! Theater goers are in for a real treat and fans of the original movie will be delighted with the stage show. The show won’t change your life but it will make your day just a little brighter.Mean Girls the Musical on Broadway

In honor of the show’s Broadway debut, CBS Sunday Morning sat down with Tina Fey to talk about her life and her work with Meal Girls:


The musical “Mean Girls” opens April 8 on Broadway, and it’s a big deal for Tina Fey, the actress-author-comedian who wrote the script for the show based upon her now-classic 2004 movie. “Sunday Morning” host Jane Pauley speaks with Fey, her husband Jeff Richmond (who composed the show’s music), and “Saturday Night Live” creator Lorne Michaels, who produced both the movie and the stage show.