Exquisite Fall-Winter Campaign Pairs Gucci with Stanley Kubrick

The new Gucci Exquisite fall-winter campaign combines the look and feel of iconic Stanley Kubrick movies with high-end fashion. Take a look!

The History of the Hamburglar and Other McDonald’s Characters

For decades, wacky McDonaldland characters ruled McDonald's marketing; find out the history of the Hamburglar and his friends!

Let An Icelandic Horse Reply To Your Emails. Literally! might be my new favorite discovery. Let an Icelandic horse handle your email replies while you're on vacation!

Bill Durden is ‘Lost at Sea’ from Charles Schwab

Lost at Sea is part of a Charles Schwab campaign that focuses on their customers stories. Customer Bill Durden shares his frightening tale.

The Most Epic of Used Car Ads Hits the Internet

If this is the new standard of used car ads, I will watch them all day long. It's super creative! Watch it right now!

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