Is the Stratosfera the Future of Transportation?

Travel by land, sea, and sky with the Stratosfera, an astounding new concept design! Take a look at the promotional video.

Avalanche!!! Drone Footage of Vancouver Island

If you've wanted to experience an avalanche up close but without the danger of being there, check out this incredible drone footage!

The Tragic End of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh

Zappos founder Tony Hsieh was considered a visionary leader and entrepreneurial genius, so how did his life end so tragically?

The Australian Female Voice Behind Your GPS Directions

How does one become the Australian female voice in a GPS?! Find out more about Karen Jacobsen... her voice might sound familiar!

A Fitbit Solved Connie Dabate’s Murder and Put Her Husband in Jail

A Fitbit fitness tracker helped to prove that Connie Dabate was murdered by her husband. Find out the details of this true crime story.

Is Gyroscopic Transport the Future of Transportation?

This spherical pod known as the Gyroscopic Transport might be the future of transportation. What do you think?!

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Remember the Nintendo Power Glove?

The Power Glove was a tool for NASA, caused corporate infighting, inspired a fake CES demo, and became a nearly universally hated toy. Hey there, 80’s kid, this one is for you! The Duck Hunt gun was the coolest...