Heardle is my New Favorite Trivia Game [Listen Up!]

Heardle is my new favorite game - anyone can play! Guess the song in six tries using short audio clues. Perfect for music lovers of all ages.

First Look: The Witcher Season 3

The Witcher is one of my favorite fantasy shows right now and I can't wait for Season three. Check out the first photo from the set!

Remember the Nintendo Power Glove?

The Power Glove was a tool for NASA, caused corporate infighting, inspired a fake CES demo, and became a nearly universally hated toy. Hey there, 80’s kid, this one is for you! The Duck Hunt gun was the...

Hearing Voices: Super Mario Bros [Behind the Scenes]

Hearing Voices: Super Mario Bros explores some of the most popular voiceover actors of all time. Learn more about these classic voices.

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