Victim or Villain: Ellen Pompeo & Katherine Heigl Interview

Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl discuss the two categories women are often placed in: victim or villain. Watch the interview.

The Cost of Beauty: Dove Promotes Body Positivity in New Campaign

The Cost of Beauty is a powerful spot in Dove Beauty's newest campaign that centers on self-esteem and eating disorders. Watch the video.

Is Microdosing for Mental Health a Scam?!

Microdosing psychedelics has become an acceptable medical practice to combat severe mental health concerns... but is it a scam?!

Learn How to Argue in a Healthy Way!

I miss a good argument - is it possible to exchange opposing opinions without rage and anxiety? Learn how to argue in a healthy way!

The SweatTent: Sweat it Out in a Portable, Personal Sauna

Take your sauna with you wherever you go! The SweatTent is a game changer - learn more about the new prototype!

Can the Act of Friendship Save Your Life? It’s Possible!

Can friendship save your life? Not directly, per se. But indirectly? Absolutely. Happier people live longer, and friendship boosts happiness.

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