Can the Act of Friendship Save Your Life? It’s Possible!

Can friendship save your life? Not directly, per se. But indirectly? Absolutely. Happier people live longer, and friendship boosts happiness.

Did Scientology Cover Up a High-Ranking Member’s Suicide?

Did Scientology cover up a member's brutal death by suicide, or did it just go unnoticed? What happened after Whitney Mills died?

The Psychology of Keeping Secrets

We all have secrets, but how harmful can they be to our well-being? Learn the psychology of keeping secrets.

Stop Negative Thinking with a Hair Band [Mental Health Tip]

Snap out of it with this mental health trick! Take a small step against negative thinking using a hair band around your wrist.

Christina Aguilera Releases New Body Positive “Beautiful” Music Video

For the 20-year anniversary, and World Mental Health Day, Christina Aguilera released a new music video for her classic song, "Beautiful."

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