Ashby Dodd

Theater History: The Journey of Broadway’s “Hadestown”

The story of how Hadestown came to Broadway is as compelling as the greek mythology the musical is based on.

Watch This: To The Girl Who Looks Like Me (2021 Short Film)

Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah's "To The Girl That Looks Like Me" is a visually stunning lyrical poem that you definitely need to watch!

Watch Again: Dirty Dancing Starring Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze

After 30+ years it is possible that the 1987 movie 'Dirty Dancing' could still hold up?! Starring Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze, the movie is about a good girl who meets a boy from the wrong side of the...

The Haka: New Zealand’s Dance of War

New Zealand's Haka is a traditional dance of power and intimidation. Find out more about this dance of war.

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