Ashby Dodd

Ili Pika: An Orphaned Seal’s Journey from Rescue to Release

Ili Pika will melt your heart - watch as Seal Rescue Ireland nurses a common seal pup from rescue to release!

ADORABLE Sushi Roll-Up Illustration by Misato

If you’re not following Misato., you’re missing out on some amazing illustrations, including my new favorite: the Sushi roll-up! Misato is a brilliant illustrator who has been sharing...

Polar Bears in Abandoned Buildings from Dmitry Kokh [Photography]

Dmitry Kokh has done it again, just look at these incredible photos of polar bears in abandoned buildings.

The Barreleye Fish Is So Sci-Fi You Won’t Believe It’s Real!

The translucent barreleye fish looks like something that belongs in a sci-fi adventure movie - but it's real and you have to see it for yourself!

Blueberry the Pig Might Be the Cutest Pig I’ve Ever Seen!

Blueberry the pig might be the cutest little pig I've ever seen in my entire life - watch the video and I bet you'll agree!

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