Ahoy Mateys! Learn the Origins of the Pirate Accent

No, it's not Talk Like a Pirate Day, but it is time to learn about the origins of the pirate accent - wait, is this a Disney thing?! Kind of.

Kidd Video and the Rise of Animated Rock Bands

Back in the 1980s, Kidd Video ruled the Saturday morning cartoon airwaves! Learn how it shaped an entire genre of animation.

Exploring Luna Parc: The Home Where Reality Meets Fantasy

Transport yourself to a world of art and whimsy, unlike anything you've ever seen before. Visit Luna Parc in rural New Jersey!

Set Sail on a Mountain: The Unforgettable Sun Cruise Hotel

A luxurious getaway on the sea (well, a mountain): introducing the one-of-a-kind Sun Cruise Hotel. Find out how to book your stay!

This Corvette Drives on Water! See the Corvette Boat in Action

Drive your dream sports car… on the water! Check out this Corvette Boat that you can rent the next time you’re in Dubai. I’m not sure who to target here; boat enthusiasts? Car enthusiasts...

SNL Skewers The Try Guys’ Ned Fulmer Scandal

I like The Try Guys, but the drama over this Ned Fulmer scandal is too much! SNL laughs at the overdramatic media response in a new sketch.

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patron cake from cakegawd

AMAZING Patron Cake Exposed a Cheating Boyfriend!

This insanely gorgeous Patron Cake from TikTok user cakegawd (AKA CupCakeMaMa216) exposed a cheating boyfriend – listen to the story! Well… this is a new one! Of course, we’ve all heard the stories: cheating boyfriend...