The Failed Holy Land Experience of Orlando, Florida [Sunday Best]

In the beginning, God, nope, not God, man created The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida. So why did this Christian theme park fail?

Taylor Armstrong is the Woman Yelling at a Cat [Behind the Meme]

It's a good thing Taylor Armstrong has a sense of humor because she will forever be known as the woman yelling at a cat. Get the story.

Heardle is my New Favorite Trivia Game [Listen Up!]

Heardle is my new favorite game - anyone can play! Guess the song in six tries using short audio clues. Perfect for music lovers of all ages.

Is Gyroscopic Transport the Future of Transportation?

This spherical pod known as the Gyroscopic Transport might be the future of transportation. What do you think?!

Let An Icelandic Horse Reply To Your Emails. Literally! might be my new favorite discovery. Let an Icelandic horse handle your email replies while you're on vacation!

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