Caviar is delicious when it’s on a cracker (with a little smoked salmon and a little cream cheese… am I drooling?) but why would I put it on my face?! Is a caviar facial worth the cost?!

Why would any self-respecting human being ever consider a caviar facial? I’m not one to shy away from new experiences but the idea of spreading fish eggs on my face seems ridiculous. At a cost of $300-1,500 per treatment, the question is, is the facial worth the cost?

Caviar treatment creams and serums are made from an extract that is said to have an abundance of nutrients and vitamins. The extract is known mostly for its anti-aging effects that leave skin looking younger and healthier. Frequent users have described their skin as radiant and glowing after a treatment was complete.

Caviar Facial Treatment

So, is it worth it?…

If you have the money, then yes, this treatment is 100% worth it. But if you’re struggling to figure out how to budget one or more treatments, be smart and skip the caviar option.

For those of you on a budget but desperate to experience the benefits of caviar extract, you could try and go for a white caviar option. La Prairie spas (often inside Ritz Carlton Hotels) start as low as $275-300, which, for a caviar treatment, is very inexpensive.

If your budget doesn’t allow for a $275 treatment, there is no shame in that. If you’re daring enough, Skylar from the Treat Yourself series on Food Network’s YouTube channel, has concocted a home version that is so easy, even beginners can master the technique. Watch for yourself:

So whether you’re ready to drop $1,250; $275; or just enough to buy the ingredients for a DIY face mask, the caviar facial treatments really are worth your time but only if you can afford the cost. There are other, less-expensive, budget-friendly options out there that will make you feel refreshed and renewed.