Chloe on Amazon Prime [What to Watch]

Amazon Prime’s Chloe is a slow burn that is worth the wait. Learn more about this six-episode psychological thriller starring actress Erin Doherty.

I just finished Chloe, a Brtish series recently released on Amazon Prime, and I have some thoughts. (As usual, I have to warn you that when it comes to series, I tend to be a lot kinder than your average reviewer, so if you want a hard-hitting deep-dive, this isn’t it.) That being said, I really enjoyed this series.

Chloe was a slow burn. I casually watched the first three episodes; I enjoyed each one, but I didn’t feel the need to watch the next episode right away. But all of that changed when I watched episode four. I stayed up super late to binge-watch through to the end; I had to know how it all ended.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead…

The series stars Erin Doherty; The Crown fans will remember her as Princess Anne during the Olivia Colman years. In Chloe, Doherty portrays Becky Green; a young woman determined to discover why her childhood friend jumped off a cliff to her death. Her friend, Chloe, had everything anyone could ever want: a loving relationship, a successful group of friends, and was a growing influencer on social media. Why would someone so happy choose suicide? Becky poses as Sasha and immerses herself in Chloe’s world; the longer she plays at being Sasha, the more she likes living Chloe’s life. As she continues to dig into Chloe’s death, she finds herself wondering if she is Chloe’s friend or Chloe’s stalker. She begins to wonder if there’s a reason she’s the only one who can’t believe Chloe would kill herself.

Chloe had me second-guessing myself from beginning to end. Whenever I thought I figured out why she jumped, a new theory would pop up that seemed just as convincing. And even when I did guess the overall end, there were still plenty of fun twists along the way. Along with Doherty, the talented cast includes Pippa Bennett-Warner, Jack Farthing, Poppy Gilbert, Billy Howle, and Brandon Micheal Hall. I think fans of a good psychological thriller should consider giving Chloe a chance.

You can check out the BBC series on Amazon Prime – check out the trailer below:

Becky’s lonely life is nothing like Chloe’s charmed one. One-time teenage friends, she now only watches Chloe through social media. When Chloe dies suddenly, Becky assumes a new identity and infiltrates the lives of Chloe’s friends to find out why. As Sasha, she discovers the conflicting faces of Chloe, but is increasingly lost in her lies. Will she uncover the truth before she loses herself?