Under a Rock with Tig Notaro is the best celebrity interview show on the internet! Check out her interview with The Fugees’ Wyclef Jean.

Nowadays, even D-list celebrities are well-known and recognizable at first sight. With social media and “branding” it’s hard not to know about a celebrity even if you’re not a fan. Which is why Tig Notaro’s new Funny or Die show Under a Rock with Tig Notaro is the greatest thing on the internet right now. Notaro doesn’t know anyone and her only goal during these celebrity interviews is to guess their name, occupation and why they’re famous.

Under a Rock with Tig Notaro - Guest Julie Bowen

Wyclef Jean is easily one of the most influential musicians of all time. From his time in The Fugees to his charity work around the world; he’s well known in many circles…. Just not Tig Notaro’s. In the interview below, Jean is loving the fact that Notaro has no idea who he is; and their chemistry is infectious. You’ll wish you were on the show too.

Under a Rock with Tig Notaro - Guest James Van Der Beek

Previous guests on the new series include James Van Der Beek (Dawson’s Creek) and Julie Bowen (Modern Family) – but this is by far the best episode of Under a Rock with Tig Notaro yet!