Is blockchain technology the future of Puerto Rico? Should we consider the possibility of the country becoming the future technology hub of the world?

Recently ravaged by hurricanes, Puerto Rico has finally come to a place where it is able to rebuild itself. Recovery has been very difficult and the damage done to the island was immense. It wasn’t that long ago that electricity was finally restored to the entire island. But the damage has also put the country in a very unique position to redesign what Puerto Rico stands for as a country. The slate is clean, so to speak; the options are endless.

One unique trend is the arrival of crypto-currency investors who aim to educate and help advance their currency in a very vulnerable country. Their efforts seem noble but there is always the possibility some are there to take advange instead. Many residents are fearful and worry that these investors are there to recreate Puerto Rico in the image of the United States; they believe it is the Puerto Ricans who should decide how to rebuild the country.

In the Guardian video below, all sides of the debate are interviewed and each is given a chance to express their thoughts. Watch: