Medieval Working Woman - generated by AI

Could You Survive As A Woman in the Medieval Era?

Could you survive as a woman in the Medieval era of history? Don’t be so sure! Take a look at what it was like for women back in the day.

Women can do anything they put their minds to; I believe that wholeheartedly. I also think that they can endure the worst because we are emotionally strong and can do hard things. But… that being said… I’m pretty sure I could never have survived as a woman in the actual medieval times! I’m just being honest.

In the video below, Dr. Eleanor Janega takes us on a journey to the past, where women had specific roles and expectations placed upon them. Learn what it actually took to survive as a working woman in the Medieval period:

Medieval historian Dr Eleanor Janega investigates one of the least recorded aspects of medieval life – working women. But dig deep and you can find the evidence – proving the medieval period is a fascinating window into the true history of women…and work!