Day Drinking with Seth Meyers and Lizzo

You know what time it is! It’s bad bitch o’clock! So let’s go day drinking with Seth Meyers and Lizzo – watch the video.

I honestly could watch Seth Meyers day drink with guests all day, every day… except I would have serious concerns about his health and wellbeing. So whenever I find out there’s a new day drinking segment, it’s the first thing I watch (in the morning, I’m asleep when his late-night NBC show actually airs!). So, you can imagine my joy when I woke up to find out Seth Meyers went day drinking with Lizzo!

Some of the highlights from Seth and Lizzo’s day drinking excursion include flute shots, a drinking game involving iconic red carpet looks, and lessons on how to “wag the bag.” And that’s just the start. Are you ready? Watch it now:

Seth and Lizzo spend a day drinking at Valerie in Midtown Manhattan, where they do things like drink Lizzo-themed cocktails, play a game inspired by her song “Truth Hurts” and try to break up with each other.