Deadpool’s Proposal is the romantic comedy you never knew you always needed.

Please, movie-world, I desperately need Deadpool’s Proposal to be real. Right now, it’s just all fun and games but this movie might be exactly what’s needed to make the romantic comedy genre great again!

Once upon a time, in the 80’s and 90’s, romantic comedies ruled the silver screen. Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts traded off starring roles while Hugh Grant or Tom Hanks tried to win their hearts. We ran to the theater to see movies like Sleepless in Seattle, Clueless, or Notting Hill. But after the 90’s, the genre got watered down and boring. Sure there were a few standouts over the years, but overall, for the most part, quality romantic comedies were done… until The Proposal.

In 2009, Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock starred in The Proposal. At the time, Bullock was about to launch her career to new levels in The Blind Side and Reynolds was also tackling the role of Deadpool for the first time in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. While The Blind Side would win Bullock an academy award, Wolverine would destroy any hope of a Deadpool-centric film. But none of this mattered at the time because Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock had awesome chemistry onscreen together. (And I think we all know things eventually changed for Reynolds and Deadpool.)

It’s been a long time since The Proposal came out, but maybe it’s time for a remake. This time, instead of Ryan Reynolds, let’s go ahead and replace him with the character of Deadpool instead. Watch the Funny or Die movie trailer – this is definitely a flick I would watch!