Dick Cavett is a talk-show legend and owner of one of the most historic homes in Montauk, Long Island.

Millennials may struggle with the name, but for many, Dick Cavett is a celebrity talk-show legend. He set himself apart by having conversations with his guests instead of formal interviews.  As a result, guests like the elusive John Lennon and Marlon Brando agreed to make rare appearances.

You may be an expert on Cavett’s television history, from a writer on The Tonight Show to hosting his own show, but did you know his Montauk estate has a rich history as well?

Considered to be one of the original beach front properties of Montauk, the estate was designed by architect Stanford White back in the late 1800’s. Cavett and his wife bought the home in the 1960’s and then suffered a house fire in the 1990’s. Cavett returned the demolished home to its original glory in recent years. Now, sadly, Cavett has to say goodbye as the house is too much upkeep in his old age.

Find out more about the home’s rich history, the guests that visited, and the devotion of the home’s long-time owner in the video below:

The historic oceanfront getaway in Montauk, Long Island, was one of the Hamptons’ “Seven Sisters,” designed back in the 1880s by none other than architect Stanford White. Purchased in the 1960s by comedy writer and talk show host Dick Cavett, the house had a sparkling history, until 1997, when it was destroyed by a fire. Like a phoenix, the house has risen again, completely rebuilt by Cavett. And now his treasure is for sale. Lee Cowan reports.

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