Director of “The Vow” Talks Season 2, Nancy Salzman & NXIVM

If you liked season two of HBO’s The Vow, which follows the “sex cult” NXIVM, watch this interview with director Jehane Noujaim.

I am obsessed with the docuseries The Vow on HBO. It just finished its last and what I assume is the final season this month. And as much as I loved following Mark Vincente, Sarah Edmondson, Catherine Oxenberg (former member India Oxenberg’s mother), and others on their quest in the first season… Let’s say the first season intrigued me, but the second season blew my mind. Where to even begin?! Trying to cure Tourette Syndrome? Keith Reniere’s preference for underage girls? The constant mental abuse of the women around Reniere? Nicki Clyne’s refusal to give up on a madman? Or watching Nancy Salzman, Reniere’s second-in-command, finally wake up to her mentor, her program, and the irreparable damage she did to her daughters (intentionally or not). And all of it was packed into six seriously intense episodes.

In the video below, The Vow director Jehane Noujaim sits down with Variety to discuss why certain prominent members from season one took a backseat in season two; what it was like to film Nancy Salzman over a long period of time, and how her opinions changed. Noujaim also touches on who would not participate (like Allison Mack) and several other topics. Any fan of The Vow or curious about NXIVM should watch.

Jehane Noujaim, director of ‘The Vow,’ joins Variety’s Doc Dreams presented by National Geographic to discuss the path Nancy Salzman took throughout season 2 from defending Keith Raniere to acknowledging her culpability.