“America, keep on flying now. Keep your spirit free. Facing new frontiers.” – Golden Dream, The American Adventure

Someone must have played Golden Dream recently because there is no reason the song should be stuck in my head. Even though I’m planning a trip back soon, I haven’t visited Disney’s EPCOT in many, many years; so why is the song is on repeat, in my head, day after day?

‘The American Adventure’ is a sit-down theater experience that features animatronic figures from the past. Led by Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin, the all-robot play reveals some of the greatest moments in US history.

The music was written by Robert Moline while Randy Bright provided the lyrics. Although it filters throughout the attraction, the full version is played at the end over photographs and footage of significant historical events. An updated version of the song was released in 1993, the first time the song had been rerecorded since the opening of the attraction. In 2007 the finale was given an upgrade to include footage from more current, significant events. If you still have no idea what I’m talking about, listen (or watch!) the hit song from Disney’s ‘The American Adventure’ below.

Don’t remember the song? Listen:

In 2007, the film at the end of the attraction was updated to include newer, significant events in history, such as firefighter images from the September 11th attacks in 2001. Watch now:

So, now that you’ve heard/re-heard Golden Dreams, can you get that song out of your head?!