Downton Kitchen: Learn Recipes from the Series Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey fans, this is the cooking series for you! Let Chef Nini Nguyen teach you some of the series’ top recipes on Downton Kitchen!

Downton Abbey is having a resurgence now that Downton Abbey: A New Era has hit theaters… and I’m not complaining. I can’t tell you why that series hooked me, I usually require a bit more action in my television, but I loved that Crawley family (and staff) from episode one. I especially loved episodes where the family entertained or sat down to a large meal because the historical food fascinated me. But no matter how the dinners and breakfasts interested me, I never considered trying the recipes. It all seemed too intimidating until I stumbled upon Downton Kitchen.

Downton Kitchen features Chef Nini Nguyen, who not only knows her way around a kitchen but makes these dated recipes seem fun and accessible. Learn recipes like:

  • Veal and Ham Pie (with actor Kevin Doyle)
  • Teatime Scones (with author Annie Gray)
  • Beef Stew with Dumplings
  • Quail with Bread Sauce (with actor Kevin Doyle)

Suddenly I imagine hosting Downton Abbey dinners filled with time-period dishes and decor… oh, maybe I’ll even make my guests come in costume. But am I too old for this? I think not! Time to start cooking!

Check out the entire playlist of Downton Kitchen below: