Lighthouse home created by AI

Elevated Living: Turning A Lake Erie Lighthouse Into a Home

Living in a lighthouse sounds so romantic! However, this one-of-a-kind residence comes with its own set of challenges. Is it worth it?!

How lovely would it be to live in a lighthouse? From the glorious solitude (probably not a lot of neighbors to contend with) to the ability to live out my childhood fantasy of belting out “Candle on the Water” from the gallery (upper walkway) while my flowing, sparkling dress magically tangles in the breeze, and the stars and moon give a warm glow only achievable in movies – sorry, I lost myself in my 8-year-old-mind for a minute there. But seriously, whether you’re a fan of Disney’s Pete’s Dragon (the original!) or just like interesting homes and renovation projects, The Fairport Harbor West Lighthouse on Lake Erie in Ohio is now on my dream home list.

Sheila Consaul heard about a government program that allowed her to buy an abandoned lighthouse and decided to take a chance on the Fairport Harbor West Lighthouse on Lake Erie. Consaul had expertise in remodeling old residences, but she immediately discovered that renovating a lighthouse was more difficult logistically than anything she’d worked on before. Take a tour of the home and learn more about Consaul’s journey in the video below:

Sheila Consaul, 65, bought an abandoned lighthouse for $71,000 in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, and turned it into her summer home. The renovations began in the summer of 2012 and are almost complete. So far, Sheila has spent over $300,000 on renovating the lighthouse.