End of the Movie Scene From Crazy Ex-Girlfriend [Favorite Scenes]

Josh Groban shames Rebecca Bunch with the song “End of the Movie” in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s third season. Watch!

If “End of the Movie” from the musical series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend were accessible on Spotify, it would probably be my most played song. (Unfortunately, it is only available in video format due to licensing restrictions.) I’m not sure why I like the song so much; it might be the shock of what happened in the previous scene, Adam Schlessinger’s incredible songwriting skills, or the fact that it features Josh Groban. Whatever the reason, I love getting this earwig stuck in my head.

Be warned, potential spoilers ahead…

If you’ve seen the episode “Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Crazy,” you’ll understand why the song “End of the Movie” is so fitting. If not, and you want to spoil yourself, here’s a super fast rundown: Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) spirals out of control after breaking up with Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez, III), and emotionally, she reaches rock bottom. Paula (Donna Lynne Chapman), Heather (Vella Lovell), and Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz) strive to be there for her, while her boss, Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster), works through his feelings for Rebecca. And poor Josh Chan simply wants to be free of his guilt for ending things. Instead of listening to her friends, admitting she has other romantic possibilities, and moving on, Rebecca seeks revenge. And how does she exact her vengeance, you may ask yourself? She sleeps with Greg’s father (Santino Fontana, followed by Skylar Astin). Rebecca has hit a new low… fortunately, she has Josh Groban to sing her thoughts to her!

Josh Groban serenades Rebecca about why you should never sleep with your ex-boyfriend’s dad