Virtually travel from London to Singapore in a new first class suite from Singapore Airlines.

Traveling in a first class suite from Singapore Airlines is a luxury most of us can’t afford; with prices in the tens of thousands, flying in a private cabin might not be an option. For the cost of a suite (or less), a family could plan an entire budget-conscious, vacation abroad. But, if you’re a glutton for punishment, like most of us, you’re dying to know what you’re missing out on!

First Class Suite for one on Singapore Airlines

Luxury cabin for one on Singapore Airlines

First class suite guests have access to their own cabins which include a private seat and bed when needed. Aside from a private bathroom, the suite has everything any traveler could need. When ready for bed or a nap, an attendant will arrive for turn-down service upon request and when ready to eat, delicious meals are delivered. When traveling with a companion, book adjoining suites where the partition can be removed to create a double bed and double suite-area.

If you want to know what the full luxury experience feels like from beginning to end, travel with YouTube’s the Luxury Travel Expert from London to Singapore: