A $50,000 or $165,000 tiny house, which one would you prefer? Your decision might not be as easy as you think!

Tiny houses come in all shapes and sizes… and prices. While they never quite run the gambit of most single-family home prices, there’s still a wide range of style and price point. In BuzzFeed’s most recent episode of Worth It – Lifestyle, the hosts explore a $50,000 and a $165,000 tiny house. But they quickly learn that just because one is cheaper doesn’t necessarily make it any less desirable.

Explore Tiny Houses and Skoolies (Buses Converted into Homes for the Homeless)

Exploring the tiny houses in the episode is the main point of the video, but the segment on Skoolies will pull at your heartstrings. All over the United States, the Skoolie movement has taken root. In some cases, volunteers and experts come together to turn decommissioned school buses into homes for homeless families. Worth It – Lifestyle stops by one such organization in Oregon to find out more about the cause. To find out more about this way of life or how to get involved, visit the forums at skoolie.net.

Watch the video below and decide, which tiny house would you choose?