Would you watch a half hour comedy sitcom starring all of your favorites from The Lord of the Rings?! I would!

Elevator Pitch Subject: The Lord of the Rings as a series sitcom… and… go!

Picture this: Frodo is a young attractive Tom Cruise type right? But shorter, like way shorter. And he’s bored with his normal life in the shire – everyday, it’s all about hobbits and hobbit traditions and you know, Frodo is looking for more out of life than the world of Hobbiton. So something happens (we can work that out in post) and this something makes it so that Frodo gets a whole bunch of new neighbors who are not hobbits. There’s a scrappy dwarf, a snobby elf, a couple manly humans, a wacky wizard… and so many more. Cultures clash within the shire but in the end everyone has to conquer their differences and learn to live together.

Sadly, The Lord of the Rings as a comedy sitcom isn’t anywhere near production as far as I’m aware; but fortunately, Funny or Die has us covered in the meantime. If you ever wondered what it would be like to see Gollum backed by a laugh track, this is the video for you!

Check out what life in the shire would be like if The Lord of the Rings was a sitcom: